Departure Productions is a media design company based in Ottawa, Canada. We specialize in high definition video production, audio design, and digital photography.  Our goal is to create new and interesting ideas which are off the beaten path.

Over the past decade, Departure Productions has been involved in a number of different artistic projects and presentations ranging from corporate videos to music production and promotion. We never compromise when faced with a design challenge, and have consistently turned out quality products for clients and personal projects.

One of our major achievements was the production of a feature film entitled “Maggot Man,” a comedy about a mad scientist and his revived corpse. This 47-minute b-movie was produced in eight months on a shoestring budget, and has been well received by many audiences worldwide. The original was so successful, in fact, that we are pursuing production of a sequel, entitled “Maggot Man 2: Night of the Kevinator.”

Departure has also been quite successful with our short videos, some of which have won awards and have been featured on broadcast television.  Some of our most popular shorts are from a series entitled “The Valentine Files.”  These shorts feature Cuff ‘Em Valentine, a gumshoe detective, and his film noir adventures.  There are layers of Police Squad-inspired comedy, relentless action sequences, and the femme fatales are often, well, fatal.

Departure Productions can also help you with DVD or Blu Ray Disc design, video editing, compression of media for the web, and a host of other new media services.  If you have a media project in mind, there is a good chance that we’ll be able to help you realize your vision.

We are also always accepting applications for talented models, actors and actresses, as well as video production crew and script writers.  If you’d like to be part of the Departure Productions team, please let us know!