What the hell is this ridiculous webcomic I just landed on?


Relax! It’s just Cyko Kid.  If you’re looking for cheap laughs and limited mental input on your part, and if you don’t mind some senseless violence, stick around.


Cyko Kid updates once a week, on Tuesdays.


I’m sure you’ve noticed the poor spelling in the comics.  This is to add to the disjointed and bizarre way Cyko Kid sees the world.  I wrote most of this material before Lolcats were a thing, really.  Just phonetically sound it out loud if it’s confusing at first.  It’ll be easier to read, and your friends will think you’re loony! Win-win!


Cyko Kid was born about 17 years ago in my high school math classes.  I had horrible math teachers, and numbers and I have never really gotten along well, so I doodled. I started a web comic for him about ten years ago, but took it down again when I got into film making.  Life took some more twists and turns and I’ve brought him back now to rekindle my interest in art.  He’s helping me build towards some larger artistic projects I’m working on. Plus, he’s fun and makes me laugh.  Hopefully he’ll give you a chuckle too.


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