Sometimes there’s a very good reason why your bus is late.


You may recall, if you’ve read the WTF page, that this is the second time Cyko Kid has appeared on the interwebs.  I first put it online in the late 90s I think… it’s been a while.  Anyway, I suddenly remembered that I did a guest strip for a friend back then, and lo and behold, it’s still online.  Behold Cyko Kid in all his original glory on the now-ended Third Dementia!  Please note that the last image is supposed to be the first image in the sequence.  Maybe Eric will read this and fix it, but probably not 😉


Also!  I added some stuff to the site!  I’ve customized the navigation buttons, added an “Updates Tuesdays” to the title bar, and finally gotten the f*%$ing Facebook box to work.  Howzabout hitting the ol’ “Like” button so the box doesn’t seem so empty? Sometimes I post zany stuff on that page between Tuesdays.