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Zik Prints

zik-printNow you can order high quality prints of pages from the popular web comic Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz!  All prints are done on high quality 11 x 17 inch paper stock and sent directly to you in a tube.  Select which Zik page you'd like from the list below and we'll ship you More Info »
Price: from $15.00
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Zik On Planet Wallpaper

zik-desktop-webZik stands tall for freedom and justice in the galaxy in this gallant new wallpaper! This $1.00 download gives you a bundle of 4 wallpaper sizes including: 1024 x 768 1366 x 768 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1600
Price: $1.00

un - The Secret Rift

tsrThe seminal album from Victor Couwenbergh, The Secret Rift is an instrumental tour de force combining heavy rhythms with haunting melodics. Mind-searing songs explore betrayal, manipulation, and the pain of rejection.
Price: $7.00$5.00

un - hol

JAMES USE THIS ONE outline Hol CD Front Insert (outside).aiReleased in 2005, hol is currently the newest un album. It was recorded live at Zaphod Beeblebrox in downtown Ottawa, and features more of the heavy, intoxicating rhythms that made un a dance floor favourite.
Price: $7.00$5.00

The Tragic Death of Spineless Toady - DVD

Toady DVD Wrap OUTLINESStarring Gordon Poth Jr and James Rule and shot at the 2008 Ottawa Zombie Walk, this short comedic film depicts a reporter who decides to be skeptical about the wrong information.
Price: $7.00$5.00

The Stakeout - DVD

stakeoutIf you liked the character Cuff ‘Em Valentine in the film Maggot Man, you’re in for a treat! Chris Moor reprises his role with a brilliant performance in THE STAKEOUT, setting a new standard in film noir comedy.  In this new short from director Victor Couwenbergh, Valentine is waiting outside a strip club for a More Info »
Price: $7.00$5.00

Maggot Man

MM DVD Full Bleed Wrapsheet [Converted] 2A scientist gets into serious trouble after being ridiculed by colleagues over his controversial research into the cognitive capacities of flies. Going slightly crazy, the scientist creates a Frankensteinian monster which is controlled by a maggot in order to prove his theories. Far from being a peaceful and intelligent creature, a violent monstrocity emerges and More Info »
Price: from $10.00
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A Stitch In Time - DVD

stitchCuff ‘Em Valentine returns in a big way in this new short video from Departure Productions.  Valentine finds himself shadowing a mob boss and gets ambushed by a couple of thugs.  Does he live to tell the tale, oar is it time out for the brave detective?
Price: $7.00$5.00