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un - hol

JAMES USE THIS ONE outline Hol CD Front Insert (outside).aiReleased in 2005, hol is currently the newest un album. It was recorded live at Zaphod Beeblebrox in downtown Ottawa, and features more of the heavy, intoxicating rhythms that made un a dance floor favourite.
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The Tragic Death of Spineless Toady - DVD

Toady DVD Wrap OUTLINESStarring Gordon Poth Jr and James Rule and shot at the 2008 Ottawa Zombie Walk, this short comedic film depicts a reporter who decides to be skeptical about the wrong information.
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Maggot Man

MM DVD Full Bleed Wrapsheet [Converted] 2A scientist gets into serious trouble after being ridiculed by colleagues over his controversial research into the cognitive capacities of flies. Going slightly crazy, the scientist creates a Frankensteinian monster which is controlled by a maggot in order to prove his theories. Far from being a peaceful and intelligent creature, a violent monstrocity emerges and More Info »
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