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The Tragic Death of Spineless Toady - DVD

Toady DVD Wrap OUTLINESStarring Gordon Poth Jr and James Rule and shot at the 2008 Ottawa Zombie Walk, this short comedic film depicts a reporter who decides to be skeptical about the wrong information.
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The Stakeout - DVD

stakeoutIf you liked the character Cuff ‘Em Valentine in the film Maggot Man, you’re in for a treat! Chris Moor reprises his role with a brilliant performance in THE STAKEOUT, setting a new standard in film noir comedy.  In this new short from director Victor Couwenbergh, Valentine is waiting outside a strip club for a More Info »
Price: $7.00$5.00

Maggot Man

MM DVD Full Bleed Wrapsheet [Converted] 2A scientist gets into serious trouble after being ridiculed by colleagues over his controversial research into the cognitive capacities of flies. Going slightly crazy, the scientist creates a Frankensteinian monster which is controlled by a maggot in order to prove his theories. Far from being a peaceful and intelligent creature, a violent monstrocity emerges and More Info »
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A Stitch In Time - DVD

stitchCuff ‘Em Valentine returns in a big way in this new short video from Departure Productions.  Valentine finds himself shadowing a mob boss and gets ambushed by a couple of thugs.  Does he live to tell the tale, oar is it time out for the brave detective?
Price: $7.00$5.00