MM DVD Full Bleed Wrapsheet [Converted] 2

A scientist gets into serious trouble after being ridiculed by colleagues over his controversial research into the cognitive capacities of flies. Going slightly crazy, the scientist creates a Frankensteinian monster which is controlled by a maggot in order to prove his theories. Far from being a peaceful and intelligent creature, a violent monstrocity emerges and escapes the lab. Maggot Man is pursued by mad scientists, special police investigators, and even ninja, and leaves a path of destruction in his quest to knock humanity off the top of the food chain.

This B-movie comedy is an off-the-wall look at the dangers of ignoring ethics in science and the absurdity of popular entertainment. Maggot Man emerges as the nemesis of all that is unethical and indulgent in society. This is a movie meant to go way over the top in a comedic reflection of the excessive nature of modern entertainment.

Running Time: 47 minutes
1080i (Blu Ray) / 1.78:1 Widescreen

Special Features (all in HD):
– The Sad, Sad Saga of Mr. Leg Trauma
– Director and crew commentary
– Jon Dalgleish’s full narration
– Outtakes and bloopers
– Other short films and trailers from Departure Productions

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